Sunday, 18 March 2012

The End of Mor


It is incredible that I keep on forgetting I have this blog. I keep my own site updated but forget to come here and update the posts. 
I have finally managed to complete my final edit, sort out the covers, format the text and even get a copy delivered to my Kindle, Though I have yet to get the updated file as Kindle formats text different to Smashwords.
Now that it is all done I just need to get my head around the marketing side of things which is so much harder than all the authoring stuff. I say that because telling the stories comes natural to me. With a bit of effort, I can get to grips with the editing, many thanks to for a fine piece of software and also to my friends Phil Hollis and Anna Walls, who both contributed to the texts. 
This is the first time that I have truly labored over a lengthy piece of work, wanting it to be as best as I could get it before I ever release. I have done that in the past and released things that are less (being generous) than ready. Though, I must say that to date; they have had over 12 000 downloads in the last year and show no signs of slowing. If only I can repeat that success with one. If you want to read my old tat for free, you can here. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll endeavour to keep this site up to date from now on.