Monday, 12 January 2015

Book Review

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

I'm going to keep this brief as so much has already been said about the series.

Well that’s a first. First time a sequel has bettered its predecessor. This book was so demanding I just had to keep coming back to finish it. Absolutely riveting. The books certainly have advantages over the films in that they can build minute details into each flawed character that you are never quite sure of anyone. I love it for its sheer pulling power.
Now I’m going to read something completely different just to clear my head and test the drawing power of the final part.

A well deserved 5/5 stars

Thursday, 1 January 2015

A First Foray

So I got this Scrivener thing and sat down to write. Got distracted then got some tea. Sat down to write and got distracted. Mother in law came round all distractions ended and I finally started to write.
I really like the uncluttered interface, the plain page with no distracting bells and whistles. I even like the old default courier font with its out of date style. When I write I like to use old sounding words, they might be new but they must sound old, if that makes sense. I try to keep a medieval feel in my fantasy world where armour clanks and chains rattle. Bad guys are bad because they are. Good guys are far from perfect, sometime they do good by accident but still soak up the applause as though they meant to do it.
So what did I write? Well here you are, time to meet the inhabitants of Nitewold.

A gibbous moon peered across the meniscus sea where the tide hung between the pillars of time. Fishermen pulled their boats across the sand onto the edge of the ebbing tide. A soft breeze toyed with the gently cresting waves where lunar crabs rose to mate in the retreating waters carrying them out to sea their backs glistening pearls before the unblinking eye of the night. Children gathered on the sands to watch their fathers and friends follow the crabs on their one night of passion. Lowering their nets with care into the water the fishermen spread out in silent harmony orchestrating their annual harvest of the reaper fish as they came to feast on the docile arthropods.

The finished chapter is here.

See you soon, have a great 2015.