Thursday, 27 January 2011

Reviews or rather the lack of

Since my book was published as an ebook, see, I have had the utmost difficulty in finding people to review it. Most say let me know when the paperback is out and I'll read it for you which seems odd in a day when ebooks are supposedly selling in such droves. Surely the reviewers are keeping with the times? Off course I hope to be able to send out some printed review copies but they do not come free so I can see myself getting a job just to pay for books and postage. Are ebooks as popular as they pundits would have us believe or is it all hype?
There are now so many types of ebook readers out there that it is dizzying keeping track of them, so I don't. I've tried the iPad, not impressed, fine until you go out in the sun. Anything with e-ink works brilliantly and in general the lack of extra toys on these devices serves to keep us less distracted from what we sat down to do - read. It is like when I'm writing (like now distracted by a blog) the computer has so many other things that I'm easily distracted by that I am seriously considering getting something with no internet connection so that I have to get on with the task at hand. I used to write longhand and then type it up later. The problem there was that when the action heated up my writing became unreadable so I had to guess at what it said or just re-write it.
SO back to my first point, distracted again, what I need are reviewers / reader of fantasy who would like to review my novel. The only criteria is that you can do so on some form of E-reader, I can send you, via email, many different file types just let me know the prefered one.

Thanks for reading.